Photo of Students and Professor at the ɫɫӰԺ Intelligent Transportation Lab (ITL)

ɫɫӰԺ is a great partner for this endeavor as so many of its students follow a career path into the industry. ”

Renee Sovis, Program Officer at the Margaret Dunning Foundation

ɫɫӰԺ Awarded $40,000 Grant from Margaret Dunning Foundation for Intelligent Transportation Lab (ITL)

ɫɫӰԺ has been awarded a $40,000 grant from the Margaret Dunning Foundation to enhance its Intelligent Transportation Laboratory (ITL). This funding will support the transformation of existing lab, research and classroom space into a state-of-the-art facility dedicated to advanced transportation research and education. 

The ITL is designed to be a hub for hands-on learning and experimentation, particularly focused on vehicle dynamics and performance testing. The lab will provide invaluable physical testing capabilities for validating mathematical models and reinforcing theoretical knowledge through practical application.

Dr. Jennifer Bastiaan, Associate Professor in the Mechanical Engineering Department at Kettering, played a key role in developing the proposal for the ITL. Her expertise in vehicle dynamics, noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) is critical to the lab's focus. Dr. Bastiaan, alongside Dr. Gregory Davis and Dr. Arnaldo Mazzei, who specialize in vehicle propulsion systems and chassis design, respectively, crafted a vision for a lab that integrates cutting-edge technology and learning.

"The generous gift of the Margaret Dunning Foundation will support the development of the Intelligent Transportation Laboratory, a collaborative facility dedicated to research and teaching in advanced mobility," said Dr. Bastiaan. "Once fully commissioned, the ITL will be used by about 150 undergraduate and graduate students annually. These students will benefit from acquiring knowledge in modern transportation technology and state-of-the-art measurement systems during their academic programs and future industry careers."

The Margaret Dunning Foundation, through its support, aims to foster the next generation of automotive and transportation professionals. "ɫɫӰԺ is a great partner for this endeavor as so many of its students follow a career path into the industry," remarked Renee Sovis, Program Officer at the Margaret Dunning Foundation. "The Dunning Foundation was happy to support renovations in the Intelligent Transportation Lab, which will be used by engineering students for research and testing."

This new facility enhances the educational landscape at ɫɫӰԺ and strengthens its commitment to advancing automotive and transportation knowledge and innovation.